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Enhance quality control and human engineering with Prescale film
     Prescale Film Working Principle
Two types of Prescale film exists. The first type is single-sheet, known as the Mono-sheet type. This is composed of a polyester base on which the color-developing material is coated, with the micro-encapsulated color-forming material laid on top.

The second type is double-ply, known as the Two-sheet type. This is composed of two polyester bases, one being coated with a layer of micro-encapsulated color-forming material and the other with a layer of color-developing material. The two bases are used together, with the coated sides facing each other. When pressure is applied, the microcapsules holding the color-forming material are broken, and this reacts with the color-developing material on the film.

Try Prescale film now! Samples are available upon request!
     Prescale Film Variants
Prescale film is produced with different grades of pressure sensitivy. Please refer to the tables below for a comparison of all the available Prescale variants we supply.

New Prescale Pressure Range is now available! For applications of extreme low pressure, we have film that can pick up pressure quantities of 0.05 ~ 0.2Mpa. Fuji Prescale 4Lw film is 2-sheet (A+C) type film and is packed a roll quantity of 310mm x 3m.

Examples of 4Lw application:
Prescale Product Code Super Prescale Product Code
Extreme Low 4LW Extreme Low 4LW
Ultra Super Low LLLW Ultra Super Low S-LLLW
Super Low LLW Super Low S-LLW
Low LW Low S-LW
Medium MW/MS Medium S-MS
High HS High S-HS
The following is a list of Prescale film stability and reliability factors:

Properties Prescale
Accuracy ±10% or less when measured with FPD-305E Densitometer at 23°C/73.4°F, 65%RH
Recommend Operating Temperature 20°C - 35°C (68°F - 95°F)
Recommended Operating Humidity 35%RH - 80%RH

Additionally, Prescale film is now rolled out in a new package quantity: 5 SHEETS OF (270 by 200)mm PER BOX (PS Packaging).

You can get films in the NEW PS package quantity for LLLw, LLw, Lw, MS, HS and HHS pressure ranges. Just refer to the pressure range you need and add a suffix of "PS" to indicate to us which package type you need.

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