Making two softwares work together is always a pain. This is epecially so when one software depends intimately on the other, as when Crystal Enterprise (CE) depends on ISAPI of (Internet Information Server) IIS to function. The challenge is greater still when CE version 8, which was meant to work with IIS 5, is required to work with IIS 6. This document describes how to get CE8 to work with IIS 6.

CE8 Installation

During installation of CE8, the default settings can be used. While you will notice that CE8 does add settings to your IIS 6 server, such as virtual directories pointing to itself, this setup is incomplete.

You will discover the incompleteness when you try to run Crystal Management Console. IIS 6 would not load .csp pages.

IIS 6 Additional Settings

To change settings for IIS 6, open Computer Management in your Administrative Tools.

Explore Internet Information Services.

Under Web Service Extensions, add the CE8 file wcsinsapi.dll and mark it as Allowed. This file is found in your Crystal Enterprise program files folder, in the subfolder WCS.

Under the virtual directory Crystal, set execute permission to Scripts only.

Under Configuration, add .csp, .cwr, .cri, .rpt and associate them with wcsinsapi.dll. Check exist must be cleared. This is because some of these file extensions do not live on real files at all.


Open Crystal Launchpad and click on Crystal Management Console. If all is well, you will be greeted by Crystal Enterprise's login page.


"HTTP 404 - File not found" launching ePortfolio or Crystal Management Console

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