Assembling a Lemo FFA.00.250.NTAC22Z Plug

These are the parts of the FFA.00.250.NTAC22Z plug:

From left to right:

  • The straight plug which serves as the casing
  • Teflon insulator which slides over the pin
  • The gold pin contact subassembly which is to be soldered to the coaxial wire conductor
  • The collet which squeezes the cable externally
  • The collet nut to thread into the straight plug

Expose the cable shield by stripping away the outer insulation. Thread the shield through the collet and force it in to the limit.

Unwind the coaxial shield and wrap it over the collet so that the dielectric is visible, as shown above. Strip the dielectric to expose the conductor, and thread the conductor into the contact subassembly.

The assembly is now ready to be soldered. Apply solder to the conductor exposed in the groove of the gold pin.

Slide the Teflon insulator over the pin and reassemble the plug to the collet nut.

Last updated on 16 April 2013
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