This is a quick reference for some Linux administration.

Copying an ISO image from a CDROM and mounting it

  • To create the image - dd if=/dev/cd of=cd.iso
  • Mounting the image - mount -o loop -t iso9660 cd.iso /mnt/isoimage/
  • Auto mount line in /etc/fstab - /usr/local/share/cd.iso /mnt/isoimage iso9660 ro,loop,auto 0 0
  • Auto mount needs mount point directory - mkdir /mnt/isoimage
  • Manual mount after editing /etc/fstab - mount /mnt/isoimage

Getting xinetd to run on Cygwin

cygrunsrv --install xinetd --path /usr/sbin/xinetd --disp "Cygwin xinetd daemon"
cygrunsrv --start xinetd 

Getting rsync to run on Cygwin

  • Add rsync 873/tcp to /etc/services.
  • Create /etc/rsyncd.conf.

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