The ZGB37REE382i 12VDC motor has:
  • Manufacturer - Wenzhou Zhengke Electromotor Company Ltd
  • Description - Zheng Gear Box Motor 1110A003
  • Speed - maximum of 5 RPM
  • Voltage - 12VDC
  • Current - 0.58A
  • Shaft diameter - 6mm
  • Shaft length - 15mm
  • Mounting - face mount, five M3 screws

Media Platter Application

Here is another great application for the low speed motor.

It drives an aluminum adapter carefully turned on a lathe to 20mm and 25mm steps. This allows placement of any disk with 20mm or 25mm center holes to be placed on the adapter and spun.

The aluminum adapter features a set screw to lock onto the detent on the motor shaft. The massive compartment for the reduction gears is evident in the motor body.

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