The ZGB37REE382i 12VDC motor has:
  • Manufacturer - Wenzhou Zhengke Electromotor Company Ltd
  • Description - Zheng Gear Box Motor 1110A003
  • Speed - maximum of 5 RPM
  • Voltage - 12VDC
  • Current - 0.58A
  • Shaft diameter - 6mm
  • Shaft length - 15mm
  • Mounting - face mount, five M3 screws

Speed Control

The motor speed is reduced to a maximum of 5 RPM through its built-in gears.

By subjecting the motor to a PWM controller, speeds down to ⅓ RPM is possible.

Our controller is a PIC16 with PWM output. The PIC16 PWM unit is capable of 10 bit resolution at a variety of frequencies; however, an 8 bit PWM resolution already produces an imperceptible change in speed.

The Motor In Action

The ZGB37REE382i is here shown coupled to a roller. See the plums tumble...

A Closer Look At The Roller

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